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This information is outdated, check the new about page here

So, what is πDev?

πDev is a small "company" with only one member in it - Me. Well, it isn't actually a company now, but... only me. 

πDev (means: me) is primarily focused in Web development and casual game development.

The abbreviature πDev comes from: The greek letter Pi (similar to cyrilic П, the first letter from my name, Dev from development)

About me:

Name: Peter Petrov
Age: 23
Education: High school, currently student
Interests: Computers, programming, web development and design, game development & design, oldschool gaming (well, some modern games are cool, too), science, biology, friendship, supernatural things, Super Mario, Nintendo, drawing and many more... but computers are the primary.
Realization: At this moment - student and nothing other than just a boy sitting in front of his own PC. Oh, yes, web developer in a small company (NOT πDev!)
Live place: Bulgaria, Burgas, Burgas Free University.
Favorite animals: Cats. Meow.

Oh, and, yes, I am really strange creature.



  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access;
  • Open Office.Org;
  • Adobe Dreamweaver,
  • Game Maker,
  • Notepad++,
  • piWebCreator
  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • CorelDraw,
  • Corel PhotoPaint,
  • GIMP


  • PHP,
  • HTML,
  • CSS,
  • JavaScript,
  • Delphi,
  • GML,
  • C/C++ (standard)


  • Nokia Qt
  • Microsoft .NET

Have some useful knowledge in:

  • Blender 3D,
  • Adobe Flash

Interested in learning:

  • OpenGL,

Useful human skills:

  • Easy orientation in new/unknown software,
  • prefer teamwork,
  • friendly-set,
  • Want to work with friendly-set people as well

CV: Download Full CV (in Bulgarian) (Download removed)

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