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History of pi-Dev

History of πDev

πDev (formely Peter games/SOFTWARE, then PG-SOFT) was created in my mind during a difficult a lot easier than now period of my life. In these times I didn't even have a computer. I used to draw small games on paper, and then I played them with my friends and my grandmother. When I was about 13, I saw a modern PC for the first time in my life, and I liked the games that my friends played there. Before that I had inspiration only from an old Nintendo Entertainment System's console games, and often I used to create custom content for them... but only in my imagination. When I was drawing my games on paper, I often used to draw and a simple logo in the upper left corner - the Peter games / SOFTWARE logo.

When I grew up a bit - 17 years old - my parents finally decided to buy me a computer. And what I did? Instead intensive playing of computer games, like Counter-Strike and Quake, I started studying Computer Science and Programming. I liked this more than playing of modern 3D games. But I continued playing old Nintendo games through emulation programs, and I continued to get inspiration from these. I started programming in Turbo Pascal first. From simple DOS programs to some serious (and, however, cancelled) projects. I don't like Turbo Pascal now, due to its limits about 2D graphics - 16 colors only, and really, REALLY SLOW screen drawing, so I decided to find something more current. In the school, we started studying C++, a brand new and DIFFERENT than Pascal language. But I noticed that C++ is REALLY HARD language to start with on this age, so I started finding other ways for programming. One year after, when I was 18, I discovered the Mark Overmars's amazing game creation program, called Game Maker [info: here]. Finally I started to realize my old dreams of creating computer games, and thus, πDev was born officially.

Making games - even simple, was challenging and interesting. While I was developing my games, my skills started to grow. Every new started project was better than previous one... however, I easily started to get bored by the current project, cancel it and start a new, with these new gained skills. So I still haven't any completely completed project, even that I released some. Just to mention, my oldest project is a freeware fan-made game - Super Mario Plus!, and my newest, almost complete project is something like Tetris, with physics - Phystris (however, it's shareware). While developing all these projects, I found new friends, like me - developers, mostly Web designers, and together we started planning some games, they helped me a lot with testing, so my overall skills in the computer world got increased.

In my free time, I mostly chat with friends and visit websites. This way, I found information about a game console: Nintendo Wii. I hasn't enough money to buy it, so I get forced to start a work. After some research, a small company hired me as a WEB developer. I was almost complete newbie with PHP! But my boss is good willed, so it isn't problem for me - I got another one skill: PHP and Javascript. Then I started trying to work as a freelancer, but without a portfolio it was definetly difficult. I created 2 personal websites before, this is my third site, but now it is COMPLETELY created by me! Coding, the CMS, and the design are my own. Well, the salary wasn't as good as I imagined, but one year working was enough to get some money for my future studying. But instantly I won a scholarship, and finally got able to buy a Wii, and start enjoying it, ever trying to write games for it.

Then I started a Web CMS project that won several awards at the Univercity contests. But that project was cancelled due to several personal and business reasons. But this CMS is already powering all of my websites (with the only exception of http://pi-dev.com which is built with Concrete5).

After the CMS I started making an Intergrated Development Environment for multiplatform programming and for easy game building. The project was inspired mostly by Game Maker by Mark Overmars and was aiming to fix all the Game Maker flaws. However, this project started to be A LOT MORE than just that, and it is now our current and future project. 

During the development of Super Mario 2011, Phystris and Pi Engine, I met Kalin "SoulRaiser" Dimitrov and Dimitar "DMitko" Palanski, my current Pi Engine project partners.

Current activity

Now we all are engaged in a game engine project.

Pi Engine won an University award and is now under serious development.


Our future is all about game development and Pi-Engine! 

If you like my projects, and you want to support us in any way, support some of the projects with donating.
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