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This project is huge example for VAPORWARE.

It's dead. After a lot of work, I decided to abandon it. It used to have an old Website made in Concrete5, you can check it out here


piGameCreator is open-source multiplatform integrated development environment (IDE) mostly oriented in game development.

The project is started, however, it is still in heavy development phase, thus is not available yet.

piGameCreator is different from the most other game creation softwares, including, but not limited to, Yoyo's Game Maker, Scirra's Construct and Clickteam's Multimedia Fusion and TGF by technical design.

Instead of producing some special kind of data that the base engine will interpret, making the process execution slower, piGameCreator will be a high-level code generator. When you create the game, define the objects behavior, scenes and save your project into the native file format, a language exporter will run and convert the project file to raw high level language, such as C++ or JAVA and then will pass the code to the real compiler for compilation.

The development itself will be based on custom scripting language and on some kind of visual programming. You import the assets - graphics, sounds, models, build object classes and place these in scenes. There will be different kind of pre-made object templates that will help creation of common types of games, for example platformers, 4 and 8-direction way control,  shooting and so on. Empty classes will be allowed for any kind of usage for any custom object types.

While piGameCreator will target mostly 2D game development, 3D features will exist but will be for advanced users only.

piGameCreator planned features:

  • Technical
    • Programming language code generation instead interpreters
    • Support for many platforms, not tied to Windows
    • OpenGL and OpenGL ES for graphics
  • Planned platforms
    • Windows, Linux, Mac (C++) [high priority]
    • JAVA and J2ME (Web browsers & mobile)
    • Flash (Web browser)
    • Symbian (low priority)
    • Android,
    • MeeGo,
    • iOS (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone) (in case of project success)
    • Mac (XCode project generation) (in case of project success)
    • Windows CE / WP7 (in case of project success)
    • Sony PSP, Sony PS1/PS2/PS3 (in case of huge project success)
    • Nintendo DS / Wii (in case of huge project success)
    • XBOX 360 (in case of huge project success and DirectX contributions)
  • Game development features
    • Object-oriented-based idea - object classes and instances.
    • Pre-made behaviors for common type of objects
    • Instances or singleton objects live in scenes
    • A game consists of 1 or more scenes
    • 2D or 3D scenes
    • 2D sprites and 3D models for representation of the objects
    • Advanced, conditional scene graph for 3D scenes allowing for conditional worlds
    • Event-driven logic
    • Grid-based scenes for grid-based games
    • Per-pixel colision detection for sprites
    • Or, mask based colision detection in case you don't need per-pixel
    • Per-polygon colision detection for models
    • Out-of-the-box 2D and 3D physics
    • GLSL shader effects for platforms that support it
    • Per-pixel lighting for platforms that support it
    • Import for many bitmap formats
    • Import for many 3D formats
    • Network sockets for multiplayer games
    • HTTP get and post queries for web-services
    • Ease of use for basic type of games
    • Custom scripting language for advanced use
    • High-level language code export for professionals
  • Usage
    • Game development & design
    • Game prototyping
    • Multimedia application development
    • For coders - create the base then export and complete in C/C++


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