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Spelunky 2 Font Editor is a desktop app used to create sprite fonts for Mossmouth/Blitworks's game Spelunkly 2. Written in C++ / Qt, code is on Spelunky FYI's Github!

Please note that the following projects are old and abandoned!
Though piWebCreator powers this old website!

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piWebCreator was a "professional", flexible, user and developer friendly content management system based entirely on PHP and MySQL. The CMS can be extended by third party modules and extensions.

piWebCreator was started as an university project, it is not still completed, but is now powering all of my old websites! The project is abandoned and not supported

piGameCreator was an initiative for an open-source multiplatform integrated development environment (IDE) using Haxe as its main programming language, and a game engine! Whatever is left out of this is in my GitHub. Don't expect anything interesting and working, though!

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