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This project is dead.

Yes, this software exists developed to certain progress, this site is achieved with it, the CMS is A LOT faster than Concrete5, but still, we cancelled this project.

If you want to test this CMS, you can download legacy.pi-dev.com in its current state and install it on your Apache. The CMS is usable. Implemented features are marked with green.

piWebCreator is a professional, flexible, user and developer friendly content management system based entirely on PHP and MySQL. The CMS can be extended by third party modules and extensions.

piWebCreator was started as an university project, it is not still completed, but is now powering all of my websites.

The CMS is NOT still released publicly!

Planned features:

* = ideas, may not be accepted

  • Website management and technical stuff
    • Multiple domains hosted in one piWebCreator installation
    • Different type of caching - no cache, filebased cache or databased cache
    • Two storage modes - file or database - useful for clouds or single server
    • Access management for backend users
    • "Root" mode - Integrate with other WEB systems - Wordpress, phpBB and so on...
    • Token-based permission management for backend users
    • Of course all these hidden for novices that want to make fastly a personal website.
    • URL Rewriting for more modern look of the URIs
  • Templating
    • Clean HTML sources for templates with markers for content (Like TYPO3)
    • Alternatively, PHP parsed templates (like Wordpress)
    • Template editor to define template from imported WEB pages,
    • Template gallery for entusiasts or personal websites,
    • Template importing from other CMS packages *
    • Raw code editor for template creation from within the CMS (for professionals)
    • XHTML is a priority, however, not implemented in current version for pi-dev.com
  • Content management
    • Content zones to place content elements in them
    • Reusable pieces for content - a piece can be per-page only, per folder or global
    • Different plugins that generate different types of content.
    • Content piece versions - Draft and public mode
    • WYSIWYG page content editing where possible
    • Content types and features
      • Advanced rich text editor for clean XHTML
      • Raw HTML code editor for advanced stuff or HTML copy-paste for beginners
      • Form plugin for different kinds of forms
      • Database-generated content (for developers)
      • Raw PHP codebox for developers - no need to write plugins for everything
      • Nested content pieces for more flexibility (advanced)
      • Social functions - frontend users, comments, blogs and forums
      • Include URIs as content - either iframes or captured output
      • Image gallery to show photos and images
    • Integrating for shop systems, blog systems and forum systems
    • Shortcut pages - renders other URL instead piWebCreator data
    • Raw pages - nothing except pure piWebCreator-powered PHP code editor (for developers)
    • Individual CSS styling for content elements
  • Extending piWebCreator
    • Different type of extensions that will make piWebCreator one of the greatest CMSes out of here
    • piWebCreator core is small, fast and can be used as a framework for standalone scripts
    • Out of the box, optional, form extension, C# data exchange extension, RSS and frontend users
  • Ease of use for both newbies and professionals, and even for developers
    • Modern Ribbon-like based interface with context-specific options
    • Optionally toolbar-styled interface for oldschool likers
    • JQuery for backend, website is not affected - can be mootools or other without problem.
    • Skin supports for backend
    • minimal interface mode (the only mode!)
    • Modern MDI window-based interface or tabbed-based interface
    • Optionally, single-document classic interface
    • WYSIWYG page and template editing - preview is all there, all realtime
    • For coders, no interface at all except the pagetree and the PHP editor

(The website is slow not because of the CMS but because of the hosting's internet provider...)

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