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Super Mario 2011 - Experience like never before

Current version: 2022.09

Super Mario Bros. INFINITY is a remake of the Nintendo NES/SNES game, Super Mario.


NOTE: This game is FANMADE and not connected with Nintendo in any way! Mario is TM of Nintendo.

Super Mario 2011 features:

  • SNES-like Hi-Res graphics and sounds,
  • Classix episode with 32 levels, in 8 worlds
  • Lost Levels episode with 20 levels
  • SMASH'em endless enemy-arena mode
  • Level editor will allow you to make custom episodes.
  • Infinite number of randomly generated levels in INFINITY mode - play as long as you can,
  • Jump boost feature - pressing JUMP while landing on enemy.
  • Weapons instead of fire flower to help you clear the level.
  • Health. Not instant death in this game.
  • Bowser battles are now more serious.
  • Bowser becomes stronger in every castle.
  • Online score list. Try all to beat the World Record,
  • Self-updatable - If new version is here, Super Mario 2011 will update!


Use these default controls:

  • Left, Right - move,
  • Down - crouch if big, enter pipes, aim weapon
  • Up - climb the bean stalk, aim weapon
  • Delete - Suicide
  • R -Change level / Resign game
  • Z - Move faster, fire weapons
  • X - Jump. Pressing X while stomping an enemy will really boost your bounce AND SCORE
  • F4 - Window / Full screen
  • F1 - Help

They can be changed every time in the Options menu.

Episode mode:

The aim in Episode mode is to clear all the levels in the episode you are playing.


The aim of infinity mode is to clear as many levels as possible, to score more points and to be maximally accurate. There is no maximal number of levels. You play as long as you can, because the levels are randomly generated every time you play.

Game is divided into worlds. Every world have 4 levels. And every world you fight against Bowser, which becomes stronger after every defeat

If you feel that the level is kind of impossible, you can use so called "Change Level" spell, that will mess up everything, but it will cost you 3 lives.

When your game is over, you can send your score and game statistics to the Online Score List. And then you will understand do you saved Princess Peach or not.

Smash'em mode:

An endless CRAZY arena where enemies constantly spawn and try to destroy you! Survive as long as you can and compete for the highest score.


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